Feng Shui Facts

Your house should be appropriately balanced in terms of yin and yang according to the use of the areas. (Active and still.) Lively areas where you entertain guests can have brighter colours, more plants and sunlight (yang). Inactive areas such as bedrooms should have subdued colours and lighting. Large trees growing too close to the house that block out the sun will cause the house to be excessively yin and imbalanced.

Feng Shui and Astrology Services

Feng Shui Consultations for Home and Business
Consultations are available for existing structures as well as structures still at the design and planning stage. A quotation will be given based on size and scale of project. A complete to-scale floorplan of building must be provided by the client. It is also necessary to know in which year the building was completed, as well as birth dates and genders of all occupants.

Personal Four Pillars of Destiny Readings
Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology) readings can shed light on numerous areas of life, such as:

    • Correct career path
    • Love and compatibilty
    • Choice of business partner
    • Picking an auspicious date for an important event
    • Relationships with parents, colleagues, children
    • Personal luck cycle which sheds light on what kind of action is required and what action is to be avoided.

Complete and accurate birth details, including accurate TIME and PLACE of birth is required in order to do a Life Reading.

Feng Shui Talks, Courses and Workshops
Talks are customised to suit the audience.

Feng Shui Annual Update
Don't forget to keep the feng shui of your home or office updated on an annual basis. Energy is not static - it is ever changing. Each year brings additional energy to influence your wellbeing and this should be addressed before the start of the new Chinese Solar Year (usually 4 Feb).

Energising Home or Office
This service is offered to existing clients. It is a powerful Feng Shui technique to invigorate and renew the energy in a space.