Feng Shui Facts

A house or plot that has a regular shape is better than a house or plot that has an irregular shape. This is because qi is more easily distributed in a regular shaped house. In an irregular shaped house, it is more difficult for qi to flow throughout all areas without obstruction.


Feng Shui for Beginners
This course will clear your confusion about the many "schools" of Feng Shui, dispel myths and put authentic Feng Shui into proper perspective. Learn traditional Feng Shui principles in an interactive environment with a practical hands-on approach. For registration form go to www.fsrc.co.za

Flying Stars Feng Shui - 2 days
Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) is a complex and sophisticated Feng Shui school. Using this method, the accuracy with which one can assess your environment is astounding. This is a two day journey of time and space. Feng Shui for Beginners is a pre-requisite for this course. For registration form go to www.fsrc.co.za

Four Pillars Essentials - 4 Day Chinese Astrology Course
Feng Shui Research Center is offering a four day Chinese Astrology course. This is a valuable tool that will complement your Feng Shui studies and practice. It will also resonate with students who have studied other methods of Astrology. On completion of the course, students will receive a certificate and access to a friendly on-line discussion group for support and continued learning. For registration form go to www.fsrc.co.za

Professional Feng Shui Modules 1 to 4
These are the professional Feng Shui Course syllabus offered by the Feng Shui Research Center. Each module is the pre-requisite to the next. The materials are written and accredited by Master Joseph Yu of the Feng Shui Research Center Toronto. The course is designed for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Feng Shui and for those who wish to become qualified Practitioners. Theories taught are supported by on-site practice and assignments. Whether you want to enter a new profession or perhaps diversify in your current profession, this is the course to do. A certificate will be issued after module 2 and Module 4. Students will be admitted to a friendly on-line discussion group where they will continue their learning through discussion with other students and practitioners around the world. They may also apply to write the examination leading to the Feng Shui Higher Diploma. For registration form go to www.fsrc.co.za